This is the list of original compositions and arrangements that are available for request. If you wish to request a score or parts, please contact me via email. MIDI recordings may also be requested (where applicable) where live recordings are not yet available. Click on the original composition titles to see a short preview of the score.


Full Orchestra

Artifacts for Orchestra, 10' (2016)
Reading Excerpt: SoundCloud

Orbits - Concerto Grosso style for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra, 14' (2014)
Basis for thesis "Orbital Technique and Analysis of Orbits"

Memorialized by Phantasm, 5' 30" (2013)
Reading Excerpt:   SoundCloud

Chamber Works

Constrict-Depart, String Quartet no. 1, 14' (2016-2017)
Public Reading: Movement I. SoundCloud   
                            Movement II. SoundCloud

Petite Profile for String Quartet, 2' 30" (2016)

Envelop for Percussion Solo and Percussion Ensemble, 17' (2015)
Recording:   SoundCloud    YouTube

Chroma for Cello and Piano, 8' (2014)
Recording:   SoundCloud    YouTube

Two Songs of Poe - Soprano, Cello, and Piano, 8' 30" (2014)
Based on poems by Edgar Allen Poe
Recording: I. Bridal Ballad   SoundCloud    YouTube
                   II. A Dream Within a Dream   SoundCloud    YouTube

Color of Fifths - Six iPads, composed for the Animoog app by Moog, 7' (2013)
Recording:   SoundCloud    YouTube

Three Modes - Brass Quintet, 10' (2013)

4123 - Six Percussionists, 3'30" (2012)

Journey to the top of the Looking Glass - Piano, Cello, A. Saxophone, Vibraphone/Bass Drum, 6'30" (2012)
Recording:   SoundCloud    YouTube

Inside the Machine - Woodwind Sextet: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, A. Saxophone, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, 4' (2012)

Explosion! - Strings and Percussion Ensemble, 4' (2012)
Commissioned by the Campbell University Percussion Ensemble

Solo Works

Crest, Clutter, Clamor - Cello, 8' (2019)
Recording: SoundCloud

in generationes sempiternas... - Horn in F, 9' (2015)
Recording:   SoundCloud    YouTube

Glimpse of the Aggregate - Piano, 5' 30" (2012)
Recording:   SoundCloud    YouTube

Restraint - Harp, 5' (2012)


Pale Blare I & II - 2 Channel Output (2017-18)
Composed w/ Max MSP and Pro Tools
Link to file:  I. SoundCloud
                    II. SoundCloud


La cath├ędrale engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral), by Claude Debussy
Arranged for Wind Ensemble (2013)
Reading Excerpt:   SoundCloud

Kashmir, by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
Arranged for Pep Band - short (2012)
Commissioned by the Campbell University Pep Band